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Senior Care


If you have an elderly family member in your care, you probably feel very overwhelmed on a daily basis having to organize all the housework, work and care tasks that your family member needs.  If you are in charge of caring for people, you spend on average 20 hours per week caring for a sick person, someone with a disability, or an elderly person. As the older adult ages, the time spent caring for them will increase, becoming a task that requires full-time attention.

Even in the best of circumstances, caring for an older adult always interferes with your work, your social life, your rest schedules, exercise routines, your home duties, and your finances. Eventually it starts to affect your physical and mental health. After all, you can't be available 7 days a week, 14 hours a day. It is also important to maintain your family relationship as a member of the family, not as a person who cares for older adults.



1 in 10 people becomes a caregiver for a family member with some type of illness. Of these caregivers, many spend an average of more than 20 hours a week, in addition to their working hours, caring for their elderly relatives.


Family caregivers recognize that this is a very exhausting job, especially during overtime or difficult schedules. But as the population ages, the number of family caregivers increases. This is because relatives refuse to take their elderly people out of their home, despite knowing that as age increases, care increases.



How to handle problems


No matter how well-intentioned and loving the relationship is between the older adult and their family caregiver, the emotional toll is usually very high. The effect of helping loved ones to stay at home involves not only the risk of social isolation and competition, it is time-consuming and increases stress.

How Vida Serena can help you

At Vida Serena we are very compassionate and highly qualified to care for older adults, providing great peace of mind to the entire family.

Personalized Care Plans

A care plan tailored to your specific needs can include everything from taking medications to help with dressing and wheelchair transfers.

SERENE LIFE offers a wide variety of services that allow you and your loved one to choose the best that suits your specific needs: activities according to your needs, planning, preparing and cleaning up nutritious meals, active thinking and memory care, assistance with bathing, friendly conversation, emotional support, laundry, changing bedding, light exercise, bathing, dressing and grooming.

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